Welcome to the Michigan Secular Franciscans website.

The Secular Franciscans of Lower Michigan and Toledo, Ohio would like to invite you to visit with us here.

The Secular Franciscan Order is a true Order in the Church. The spirituality of the Secular Franciscan is a plan of life centered on the person and on the following of Christ rather than a detailed program to be put into practice. Fraternity gatherings are conducted in a spirit of community, cooperation and love so as to encourage participation and growth by all members.

Mindful that the Holy Spirit is the source of our vocation and fraternal life, we Secular Franciscans seek to imitate the faithfulness of St. Francis of Assisi to his inspiration. We listen to the exhortation of the Saint to desire above all things the Spirit of God at work within us.


In all we do we hope to bear witness to our faith before all:
— in our family life;
— in our work;
— in our joys and sufferings;
— in our associations with all men and women, brothers and sisters of the same Father;
— in our presence and participation in the life of society;
— in our fraternal relationships with all creatures.


Come and see the Gospel life lived in the spirit of St. Francis where we seek to have prayer and contemplation be the soul of all we are and do.